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Founded in 1998 with the objective of promoting works of Brazilian artists, Almeida & Dale Art Gallery has become, in more than two decades of existence, one of the most relevant galleries in the field in Brazil. Throughout this history, the gallery has been responsible for a significant role in the cultural and commercial circuit, by inserting the work and legacy of artists who are fundamental to the history of Brazilian art in important collections, collections and national and international archives.

In recent years, with Antônio Almeida and Carlos Dale as directors, the gallery's program has revisited the work of different exponents of brazilian art, promoting several retrospective exhibitions, prepared by guest curators involved in researches of the artists complete work. Produced with museological rigor, these exhibitions are usually accompanied by the launch of publications that are largely recognized for their novelty and notoriety of academic essays and for the rescue of historical texts. Almeida & Dale recently held individual exhibitions by key artists in the historical and critical panorama of Brazilian art. Relying on loans from renowned collectors and institutions, the exhibitions featured names such as Willys de Castro, Di Cavalcanti, Flávio de Carvalho, Mestre Didi, Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Alfredo Volpi, Jandira Waters, Roberto Burle Marx, stimulating renewed critical interest in Brazil and abroad.

Along with the constant promotion of exhibitions and publications, Almeida & Dale supports projects for the preservation and dissemination of Brazilian artists. In convergence with its role in the preservation of collections, since 2020 the gallery represents the estate of Luiz Sacilotto, a distinguished artist in the Brazilian concrete art movement.

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